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You must be lost


I posted a couple of photos of these in my Instooogram a while back, but I suppose I’d scan them in today- I got the Sailor Jupiter S.H. Figuarts figure in the mail just recently owo/


AX 2014 Commissions, part 1

Finally caught up on this year’s convention season commissions. I had a lot spill over into after the cons ><;;;


1.) Eliza as Ragyo, Filia as Ryuko, and Valentine as Satsuki, commission for: Filia’s expression was fun to draw haha

2.) Shino, commission for Zerion 

3.) The commissioner’s characters- I apparently didn’t write down enough contact info, if you are seeing this, please let me know the info if you’d like listed m(_)m

4,) Eliza !

5.) Speaking of Eliza… proto-Eliza! Kamila from Gaia Online, vs. Blaze, also from Gaia Online. Otami twins in the background. Blast from the past here owo/

6.) Musashi from the anime adaptation of Battleship, KantoCooler. Man, this took me forever to figure out. Thank goodness there is a figma of Yamato for easier understanding. 

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