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Felt like a Wonder Woman kinda day…#wonderwomanwednesday Wanted to give her a 60’s retro look… Not sure I succeeded.😜


Felt like a Wonder Woman kinda day…#wonderwomanwednesday Wanted to give her a 60’s retro look… Not sure I succeeded.😜


Meiji-era Ace Attorney game’s first trailer ⊟

We don’t get any gameplay, but here’s a glimpse of the 3DS game’s new hero Naruhodou Ryuunosuke (an ancestor of Phoenix Wright) and his assistant Mikotoba Susato. We also get to see what courtrooms looked like in turn-of-the-century Los Angeles during the later years of Japan’s Meiji period.

Here’s a subtitled version!

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Zero Suit Samus is Sexist? Or Are you Just Retarded? Keep Reading to Find out!


Alright, so essentially the argument is that Zero Suit Samus was sexualized more to target males to increase sales and that is somehow sexist because there is nothing like that for females. I guess I forget that “average” men are pretty boys like Link, Pit and Marth and we all have biceps of kinds like Little Mac. The fact stands that crap for girls exists in the same game. You have no grounds for this stupid argument, because sexualization on both sides exists.

Secondly, targeting male gamers is not inherently sexist; it’s business. Nintendo clearly has done their homework and knows who their biggest market share is. If you have made 3 installments in the same series and see the people buying 80% of your games fall into one group, it makes no sense not to make it more appealing to that group. Making a game more appealing to a group that isn’t buying nearly as many copies is an unnecessary gamble and a waste of time and money.

Please don’t come at me with the whole “but if they did that, then they could diversify the market and get more girls interested in the game!” because if you say that you clearly do not understand how business works. There is a high chance they could do all that work to make it appeal more to girls for it to not pan out. As a business taking unnecessary risk is not ideal because million dollar projects like this which tank can cost jobs and revenue. If you’re a smaller company they can even cost you the company. Why would Nintendo risk one of their biggest franchises by trying to add shit which has no guarantee of success for the sake of appealing to an audience which is significantly smaller than the ones who are shelling out the big bucks to get the games?

If you hate it so much why don’t you start a production team to make a party brawler that appeals more towards females? Sure it would be a lot of work, but why is it Nintendo’s responsibility? Because they have the money to do it? Should every major corporation be policed by those with less money and be forced to make business decisions that would not be in the best interest of the suitability of the company?

The fact of the matter is that being sexual does not suddenly make Samus a bad strong female character. Being attractive does not mean she now sucks. It just means she has one more thing people like about her. It’s a fucking video game for christ’s sake.

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