Bad Ideas, Worse Decisions

You must be lost
  • fall: ugh I can't wait for summer
  • winter: ugh I can't wait for summer
  • spring: ugh I can't wait for summer
  • summer: wtf is this


"Tumblr is a loving open minded family”


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The blue light at end of the Persona 5 teaser was really just yu narukami being displeased at how the the sun has finally set on the milking of persona 4

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Crunchyroll is shit



Never forget that Crunchyroll:

  • Started out as a site that charged money for fansubs that weren’t even theirs, with no permission or consent from the respective owners.
  • Has a monopoly-like position on anime subs and and claims they want to be the only exclusive anime streamer, even at their…

Upon the dawn of what I think is the 4th day for nyaa and various other sites being down I think this is important to note. 


vry important

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